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Day 19
Tinsel Toes

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On Christmas Eve, while every one's busy in the Workshop getting Santa ready to take off, there's one elf outside getting the take-off ready.

His name is Tinsel Toes and he's in charge of the tinsel that lines the runway. It's a really long runway, and every flutter of tinsel has to be perfectly straight so the sleigh sets off in the right direction!

Now, this is a big job, but don't you worry. Tinsel Toes has been doing it for as long as anyone can remember. He's bound to get it right one of these years.

(OK. So if you really want to know the truth, the runway is always crooked as a candy cane. But don't blame Tinsel Toes. It's not his fault. It's the tinsel! You see, it's a little known fact that when you step on tinsel, it tickles your toes and makes you dance! And when you dance, it's hard to keep things straight!)

Maybe you'll have better luck. Would you like to help Tinsel Toes lay out Santa's runway? But just beware. Your toes might start dancing!

Back on Day 1 of our Kinetic Christmas series, we talked about the sensory value of tinsel. So let's take that a step further…. do these games BAREFOOT...

TINSEL BEAM. Lay out a single path of tinsel and walk on it all the way to the end. Now, walk backwards on the tinsel back to where you started. (Remember to try to keep your runway straight!)

TINSEL RUNWAY. Lay out two strands of tinsel parallel to each other about 6" apart. Step carefully BETWEEN the tinsel. If your toes touch the tinsel, stop, lay down, put your feet in the air and twinkle your toes!

TINSEL TWIZZLE. Lay out two strands of tinsel parallel to each other about 12" apart. Cross-walk along the tinsel, putting your right foot on the left tinsel, your left foot on the right tinsel. (Some children may need assistance with this. It's an advanced midline activity, so stand by just in case.)

TINSEL TROUBLE. How many ways can you dance on the tinsel? For instance, try walking the length of the tinsel on your tippy toes... your heels... the sides of your feet. How would a caterpillar dance on tinsel? A monkey? A penguin?

DO THE TINSEL TIZZY! Put on some upbeat music and dance, but here's the trick. All throughout the dance, you must have at least one foot on the tinsel! (It may help to pretend to "glue" his foot to the tinsel. Rub his foot with your hand, then "stick it" to the tinsel. This gives him a physical cue to remember to keep his foot still.) Make up some dance steps for your child to try, then have him make up his own. And don't forget to Do the Tinsel Tizzy with him! After all, toes are for dancing!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and active holiday season!

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