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No matter how we try to shield them from it, kids are feeling the stress of the worldwide health crisis. Routines are disrupted. Schools are shut. Mom and Dad are acting weird. Playdates are cancelled. Playgrounds are closed. And there's even more screen time to do schoolwork or stay connected to family and friends.

It's no wonder we're already hearing "my kids are bouncing off the walls."

That's why we've decided to restart our Moving Smart blog. Here we'll repost relevant articles and new ideas for how to help children (and yourselves) navigate this unique time together at home. And along the way we will share some insights into how nature uses movement to help children grow and develop their bodies AND their brains. For instance...

So let's get this out of the way right now. "Bouncing off the walls," is your child's brain trying to communicate with you. And notice we're saying your child's brain, not your child. Her brain needs physical and sensory stimulation in order to grow and develop, and quite often acting out is her only way of expressing that need. In short, it's not naughty. It's natural. 

The thing you can do is understand it and lean into it. And we're here to help you lean.

We hope you find this helpful and welcome your questions any time.

Stay safe. Stay well. And keep moving.

Kids are bound to be more stressed with the limitations we're all under. And of course, that stresses you out. Here's a little poem that works for me. I call it Finding Grin. Not only does it help you both release the stress, it's a good activity for helping your child develop awareness of her own body.

Next time your little one’s grin goes missing, put her on your lap, snuggle in, and recite this little poem. The idea is simple. Grin has gone missing and you need your child's help to find him. As you recite the poem, search for Grin by very gently tickling your child on her knee or her nose, her wrist or her toes. And before you know it, this gentle touching time together will bring Grin back right where he belongs.

Feel free to use the verses below, or make up your own little ritual. And when Grin is back above her chin, reverse roles and have her help you find yours!

Finding Grin

Oh, where did Grin go?
I do miss him so.

Is that him on your nose?
Is that him on your toes?

Is that him on your knee?
On your wrist? Let me see!

Is that him on your tummy?
Now that would be funny.

Oh, wait! 
Now I see.
Here he comes!
Right towards me!

Welcome back,
Great big Grin!
Right at home
Above your chin!

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