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Have you ever noticed some kids jump from one activity to another without spending concentrated time on any one thing or just never seeming to finish anything? Adults may see this as a sign the child can’t stay focused, gets bored easily, or gives up without the resilience to keep trying. 

But for little ones, it may simply be a matter of physical endurance. For instance, drawing a picture takes concentrated hand strength. When their hand gets tired, it doesn’t feel good. So they switch to another activity that uses a different set of muscles giving their hand a chance to rest.

It’s actually a clever strategy if you think about it. But learning to finish what you start is an important readiness skill (and mind-set) for school and life.


If you've noticed this tendency, watch to see if they’re using different muscle groups when they jump from one activity to another. If they are, consider introducing more time outdoors and on the playground. All whole-body active play will naturally build up stamina and endurance across all the muscle groups which, over time, will give them the power they need to stick with it!

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