Movement is at the very core of how children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and of course, physically. Here at Moving Smart we foster children's naturally move-to-learn style while helping parents and teachers understand the comprehensive benefits of all that wiggling!

That's why we say "A Moving Child is a Learning Child."

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Day 10
Jingle Rings
FROM BIRTH TO SKIPPING (Approximately 0-5+ years)

The very first Physicality on the Kinetic Scale is the Senses -- the traditional five senses we learned in school. And of particular importance to school (and life) is the sense of hearing.

For little ones just becoming accustomed to their auditory landscape, it's important we help them build their hearing and listening skills. Here's a simple holiday game I love to play with kids of all ages.

And all you need is your own voice and a few jingle bells...

Singing is one of the most natural ways to bond with infants. Sing Jingle Bells very softly and slowly to baby. Use only your voice at first. Then, add a few jingle bell rings as you sing. Again, be sure to keep this gentle and quiet. Let baby explore the bells and assist him to ring the bells himself.

Give your child the jingle bells. Sit together. As you sing the song, assist him to ring the bells to the beat of the music. As simple as this sounds, finding and keeping the beat with you creates a powerful connection between you, while giving him the sense that he's got the power to participate in the play.

Now it's the kids' turn to sing. Start by singing Jingle Bells all the way through. Next, have them play the song by ringing their jingle bells to the rhythm of the music (no singing).

This helps them build up auditory memory for the song, which will come in handy when they need to start applying what they remember to what they need to predict. So let's add a game that requires both memory and predictive skills...

Each time on the word "bell" ring your bell as follows...

Jingle RING. Jingle RING.
Jingle all the way.

Next, each time they reach the word "jingle" in the song, instead of singing it, ring their bells as follows...

RING RING bells. RING RING bells.
RING RING all the way.

If they're up for more challenge, try dancing the song. (Note: you may have to do the singing for the children. That's OK. They'll eventually master the ability to do both, but for now, let the dancing be their primary focus.)

Choose from any of these dance moves to add to the song. I'd suggest starting with one. As they appear to master that move, add one more. Take it slow to avoid any confusion or frustration. In fact, this is the kind of activity I might do over a full week, adding one new move a day.

Dashing through the snow (RUN IN A CIRCLE)
In a one horse open sleigh (GALLOP IN A CIRCLE)
O'er the fields we go (JUMP OR LEAP)
Laughing all the way (add "HO HO HO" to the end of the lyric)

Bells on bobtail ring (RING JINGLE BELLS)
Making spirits bright (STRETCH YOUR ARMS HIGH IN THE AIR)
What fun it is to ride and sing (HOLD THE REINS & BOB UP AND DOWN)
A sleighing song tonight (STOMP on "tonight")
RING RING bells. RING RING bells.
RING RING all the way.
Oh what fun it is to ride (HOLD THE REINS & BOB UP AND DOWN)
In a one horse open sleigh (GALLOP IN A CIRCLE)

RING RING bells. RING RING bells.
RING RING all the way.
Oh what fun it is to ride (HOLD THE REINS & BOB UP AND DOWN)
In a one horse open sleigh (GALLOP IN A CIRCLE)


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