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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Day 14
Indoor Snow
FROM HOPPING TO SKIPPING (Approximately 4+ years)

Here in New Zealand it's summertime, of course, and while a green Christmas is all we've ever known, kids here are exposed to the books and TV shows and movies that all present Christmas as a wintertime event. And of course, kids being kids, when my girls were little they all asked the inevitable question, "Can we have a white Christmas this year?"

I tried to explain why we couldn't of course. And they seemed satisfied enough with my answer (so long as I assured them Santa delivers in warm weather too!). But one year, I thought, why not have a white Christmas?

The next morning, my sleepyheads sprung out of bed when I told them it had snowed... INSIDE!

Here what I did

Buy or make lots of miniature snowflakes. (Paper snowflakes are still one of my favorite craft projects to this day). Hide them all over the house... some easy to find, some a little harder to spot.

And note: the night I did this, I started out thinking I'd hide just a few snowflakes, but as I went along, I kept adding more and more. I wound up "snowing" every room in the house because it looked so festive. In other words, I think you'll find the-more-the-magical for this game.

The next morning, the girls jumped into action, scouring the house, squealing every time they found a snowflake!

They collected their snowflakes in piles and studied them as we ate breakfast. Then we decided our snowflakes would make a lovely garland for the Christmas tree, so we got out the string and they worked together on it. (And it actually did look quite lovely on our tree.)

And best of all, what was meant to be a game that would last a few minutes before breakfast turned out to be an all-day, snow-filled adventure, and a favorite family memory we retell every Christmas... the day it snowed inside.

No matter what the temperature is outside, we wish you a happy, healthy, active, and white Christmas!


  1. I will wish U a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  2. Your blog is precious! In accord with good parenting and physical education goals. Complements!! Warm wishes for your Christmas times.

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