Movement is at the very core of how children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and of course, physically. Here at Moving Smart we foster children's naturally move-to-learn style while helping parents and teachers understand the comprehensive benefits of all that wiggling!

That's why we say "A Moving Child is a Learning Child."

Monday, December 2, 2013


It's a little known fact but, for 11 months out of the year,       North Pole candy canes are white as snow! That's right.
No stripes. Not a one.

Each year to kick off the holiday season, the elves decorate 
all the candy canes with bright red ribbons. And of course, 
elves being elves, they make a game of it! 

They call it Candy-Cane-Go-Round! And it's not only fun, 
it's good for you too!

Day 2
FROM RUNNING TO SKIPPING (Approximately 2+ years)

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Balance underpins all of early childhood development, and one of the best ways to help little ones develop their balance is spinning. Here's a festive way to put a little spin into your holidays...

Start by asking the child to show you what a candy cane looks like. Form the hook with one or both arms, whatever works best for him. Next, have the child hold one end of a long ribbon (or tuck it in his pocket) while you hold the other end. Now, go for a spin, wrapping the ribbon around him as he goes. (Note: spinning slowly helps the brain process and interpret the sensations, so try to get little ones to do this slowly.)

When he's ready, hold onto the end of the ribbon and have him spin right out of his stripes!

And be fairly warned: it's pretty easy to get all wrapped up yourself. After all, elves are everywhere!


  1. We're LOVING this series! Awesome concept and such creative ideas! Keep them coming! :)

  2. Thanks Claire… feel free to add things you do with your children. Have a fun KINETIC Christmas - from the Moving Smart team!

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